1. BC DNS Abuse Working Party:


 Mason Cole

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2. BC Recommendations Working Party:

Purpose. The BC would formally charter and enact a working party after the successful conduct of a study of Interest especially those funded by the Business Constituency in order to generate recommendations for action by different stakeholders within the Community. The chartered working party would clearly outline expected outcomes for action by the:

  1. ICANN Board
  2. ICANN Staff
  3. GNSO Council
  4. BC Executives
  5. Other Constituencies and community where necessary.

All recommendations made by the working party would be submitted to the BC Executive Committee through the Chair of the working party.

Formation. A BC Recommendations Working Party can be chartered when:

a) ExComm proposes one with a mandate on their scope to the BC Private List or

b) 3 or more members on the BC Private list or at its statutory members meeting request for one to be chartered.

c) A charter outlining the scope of the groups mandate followed by a call for volunteers is shared on the BC Private list by the Vice-Chair for Finance and Operations and subsequently constituted.

Composition. The membership of any Recommendation Working Party would be open to any BC member interested in serving on the group but would be pegged to not more than 25% of current BC membership as at the time of chartering the group. In that wise the first members to announce their interest on the BC list would be allocated seats on the working party. Where there is a tie in the expression of interest, the BC ExComm shall decide.

TimeLine. Each Recommendations Working Party would have a lifespan of 60 days and can seek extension only twice for an additional Grace of 30 days or will automatically be disbanded after the second grace period elapses.

Each working party shall elect their own chair and Vice-Chair. They are not expected to present a budget to the ExCom through the finance committee during the BC budget planning cycle as it is expected that the team leverage on resources already made available by ICANN to perform its duty. Where a special case occurs, representation can be made to the BC ExComm.

A Recommendations Working Party is only chartered when a proposal setting it up is supported by at least 5 members of the BC on the Private list, and where a member of the BC ExComm volunteers to serve as its liaison to the ExComm.

Recommendations Working Party



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